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Dear customers, in our online shop it is very easy to make a purchase. payment Warranty Delivery

How to order?

1 Please, click on a button “Buy” to add a necessary items to your basket.
2 To complete an order you need to fill in a form, choose a type of a payment and shipping. At the end you have to confirm the order.
3 After that our staff will give you a call or an e-mail for additional details and will accept the order.
You do not have to register to make an order in our shop!

We provide different ways for payment


Payment in cash


Payment in cash when you receive a goods in our shop


Transfer via bank


Credit cards


Webmoney (electronic money)

Супер предложение от AiO и лизинговой компании!

Ты приобретаешь - мы страхуем: новую бытовую технику; электрооборудование; мобильные телефоны; фото и видео технику; компьютеры; электротехнику.
Ты будешь защищен от потерь, которые могут возникнуть, если покупка будет испорчена или украдена.

Твои преимущества, застраховав товар:

В случае кражи, ограбления или полной поломки товара, Тебе возместят полную стоимость товара, который взят в рассрочку;

Тебе компенсируют издержки на ремонт в случае поломки, если их не покроет гарантия производителя;

Срок страхового полиса 12 месяцев. Страховка действует на всей территории Латвии. Самориск 30% от суммы потери, но не менее 35 EUR.

How to make a purchase via lease?

Dear Customers, here is the instruction to make purchase via lease.
1 Please, click on a button “Buy” to add desirable goods in a basket.
2 In a form, please, chose Natural Person and the select the type of payment “Lease”
3 Please, fill in an on-line form, what is necessary to make a lease agreement.
4 Анкета будет отправлена сразу нескольким лизинговым компаниям:

  • Bigbank Līzings
  • Lateko Līzings
  • (по запросу клиента)

  • и Вы сможете выбрать наилучшие для себя условия!
    Please, be careful. ALL fields of the form has to be filled!
    The data, has to be written in the same manner what they are in your passport, accompanying documents in according with the grammar rules of language in which the documents are issued.
    Incorrect or party filled form will lead to the rejection of a lease agreement!

    Svarīgi! Saņemt pasūtījumu var tikai tā persona, kura ir noslēgusi līgumu ar līzinga kompāniju

    Uzzini savu kredīta limitu

    Leasing calculator

    Sum, €
    First payment, €
    Term of leasing, months
    Monthly payment

    *Norādītajam ikmēneša maksājumam ir informatīva nozīme! Precīza informācija par aizdevuma summu un ikmēneša maksājumu, būs zināma pēc pieteikuma izskatīšanas!

    Special order

    Special order is a case, when customer have to make a prepaid transfer (guaranty payment). Usually this payment is about 10 – 50% of a purchase value. The unpaid value has to been covered when you receive the goods.
    In this case customer is not able to use a rights to cancel a deal. However, if customer chose to cancel a deal, it is impossible for him to receive a prepaid transfer back.

    Rules of storage of closed (signed) contracts

    VS PRO SIA (VS PRO Ltd.) are not storing a signed sales contracts

    The rules of a distant contract (on-line purchase) you can read here.

    In some cases there is a possibility recover warranty document and a purchase document (receipt, delivery note)


    These rules apply to all the goods / services purchased by ordering them online. Before ordering goods carefully read the information displayed on our website.
    SIA "VS PRO" from time to time may change the terms of use. Please re-read them before you make repeat purchases.
    User is responsible for the accuracy of the information when placing an order, and also primises not to perform any activities directed against the security of websites.
    SIA "VS PRO" undertakes, in accordance with the products and services to provide a description of the goods receipt in due time and amount.
    Using SIA "VS PRO" services, you acknowledge that these rules are understood and agree to comply with them on a regular basis and keep track of their changes.


    We are committed to protecting the privacy and security of our customers and site visitors, including you. Therefore, we fully appreciate and respect data privacy and security of the Internets importance. VS Pro respects your privacy and avoid spam and under no circumstances will not allow the data (name, address, e-mail, etc.) to be sold, rented, leased or transferred to any third party.
    We collect and store the following data:
  • Customers name.
  • telephone number.
  • E-mail address.
  • Product delivery address.
  • Information is used to fully provide the service and communicate with customers in case of any changes.
    Disclosure of information to other third parties may only take place on the basis of legitimate demand.