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Benefits of purchase:

1 You need a cheap device to solve particular tasks or a new workstation for your employee.
2 You would like to save money on a legal software purchase. We have good news! All our pre owned computers are ONLY with legal Windows software.
3 Pre owned PC is very suitable in role of router or a small server, for instance – IP telephony.

Pre Owned PC

Why should you buy from us?

All our items are with legal release of Windows.
In this case, you will save a good amount of money on genuine Windows software.

All PC’s are from well-known brands – DELL, HP, IBM, LENOVO, FUJITSU etc. It means – quality, reliability and it looks good.

Every item has its own package, what is guarantee of safety during a shipping.

Every PC gets handmade cleaning and set up.
Our PC’s not only look like a brand new but also will serve many years.

Warranty. Yes, this is true!
Every computer and IT equipment sold by us has the warranty.

Pre Owned Notebooks

Pre Owned Monitors

Most of us are a little bit of scare to buy pre owned computers, because they afraid of expenses on a potential repair. Well, that is true, if you are buying a computer in a poor condition.

In case when you buy in our shop is quite an opposite. Our IT goods was gently used. In case of need, there is always hardware and software (Windows) recovery. What we are trying to say? We are saying – the best way to reduce risks and costs – to buy computers in our shop.