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Easy Shopping!

How to order?

Dear customers, in our online shop it is very easy to make a purchase:

  1. Please, click on a button “Add to cart” to add a necessary items to your basket.
  2. To complete an order you need to fill in a form, choose a type of a payment and shipping. At the end you have to confirm the order.
  3. After that our staff will give you a call or an e-mail for additional details and will accept the order.

We provide different ways for payment

Payment in cash
when receiving an order at the Customer Service Center
Mastercard, VISA, Apple Pay
online or when receiving an order at the Customer Service Center
Transfer via bank
Purchase in installments
only for Latvians residents

Buy with Klix Pay Later

Klix Pay Later allows you to order your items today but pay for them later.

When making a purchase and choosing Klix Pay later, store visitors will have the opportunity to receive offers from Klix partners (loan issuers), compare and choose the most suitable offer for them, and remotely sign a loan agreement for the purchase of goods.

Don't overpay with Klix Free

Klix Free – a service, which allows you to make online purchases that are worth more than 70EUR with a 36-month loan agreement between the buyer and loan issuer.

The Klix Free number represents the number of months stipulated in the loan agreement, in which the loan can be repaid without interest or any commission fees. The monthly payment of Klix Free can be calculated by dividing the total cost of goods with the relevant Klix Free number - in 3 or 6 parts, or at the buyer's discretion, by paying a larger amount within the relevant interest-free period. In the event that a partial amount is repaid during the Klix Free interest-free period, the following month after the end of the Klix Free period, the interest rate and other fees specified in the loan agreement will be applied to the loan.

Klix Free 3 Example
- Loan amount: 300 EUR;
- Loan period: 36 months;

1. months payment
100 €
or any amount which is not lower than the monthly payment amount, specified in the agreement.
2. months payment
100 €
or any amount which is not lower than the monthly payment amount, specified in the agreement.
3. months payment
100 €
or the amount left to be paid for the loan
When repaying the loan in full within three months from the date of the loan, the borrowing rate is 0%, the APR is 0%, the total amount to be paid by the consumer is €300
Please pay attention to the early repayment procedure specified in the loan agreement. If the loan agreement states that the loan can be repaid by notifying the lender in advance or by submitting a relevant application to the lender, then this procedure must also be followed when using Klix Free.

Who can purchase items in instalments?

Any permanent resident of Latvia and Lithuania can purchase products through a loan.

Is it required to have an official place of work to receive a loan payment?

The borrower needs to have steady, official monthly income.

How old does a person have to be to be able to make a purchase in instalments?

Borrower’s age from 18 to 80 years old.

What is the maximum amount that can be bought with a loan payment?

Loan amount from EUR 70 to EUR 7000.

What is the term of the loan?

Loan term from 1 to 36 months.

What is the down payment or advance payment for a purchase with a loan payment?

For purchases from 1400 EUR, down payment of min. 10% has to be made.

What documents are needed in order to register for payments in instalments?

To formalise a loan, a qualified Smart-ID or AS Citadele Banka online banking system, as well as a passport or ID card are needed.

How to make a purchase in instalments?

By using the 'Add to cart' button, add the items you want to purchase to your shopping cart; In the checkout cart, select the "Klix Pay Later" form of payment and click the "Checkout" button; Authenticate in Klix; Completing the application; Compare installment offers and choose the one that suits you best; Sign the installment agreement.

Leasing for legal entities

We are pleased to announce that in cooperation with GRENKE Latvia we can offer our legal clients IT equipment leasing. Leasing is an effective financial instrument that makes company budgeting more predictable, does not require expensive investments and allows you to use new equipment to grow your business.

With more than 40 years of experience in the field of leasing, GRENKE successfully operates internationally in the field of small IT business. GRENKE allows companies, without unnecessary difficulties, to rent the necessary equipment, rather than buying it and investing their valuable resources.

We offer:

- leasing beginning at the amount of 500 Euro w/o VAT;
- leasing term from 12 to 60 months;
- with the first or without the first installment;
- leasing for necessary IT equipment, including accessories, software and after-sales service;
- the option of buying the equipment at the end of the lease term.

Conditions for consideration of the application:
  1. the company submitted annual reports for the last 3 years
  2. with respect to the enterprise, insolvency (bankruptcy) proceedings, the liquidation process and / or legal protection have not begun
  3. good credit history of the enterprise
It is very simple to fill out an application for consideration of Leasing:
  1. select the desired product and put it in the basket
  2. in the shopping cart, fill out a simple questionnaire by entering the required information for the legal entity
  3. place your order

After providing complete information about the order, net price, lease term, a financing decision will be provided within 1 hour.
Analysis of the possibility of financing will be based on publicly available information, and, initially, no additional information will be required on your part.

Rules of storage of closed (signed) contracts

  1. VS PRO SIA (VS PRO Ltd.) are not storing a signed sales contracts
  2. The rules of a distant contract (on-line purchase) you can read here.
  3. In some cases there is a possibility recover warranty document and a purchase document (receipt, delivery note)
14 days to return a purchase Unsatisfied with the purchase? No problem. You can return the goods within 14 days!
Fast shipping We will deliver the purchase as soon as possible to your door or point of delivery!
Secure payment Cash or VISA / MasterCard. By bank transfer or leasing.
Product Verification We check the quality of each of your orders before delivering them!